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  • The basic elements of oil painting

    Oil paintings belong to the visual arts, constitute the most basic visual elements of oil painting body, lines, light and dark, texture, space and color. A successful painting depended on the artist's mastery and mastery of the most basic visual elements of the painting. Distinctive use of certain elements of the basic elements is the originality of the oil paintings, thus creating the unique personal style of many oil painters.

    Body is the most basic elements of oil painting, it contains the shape and volume of two aspects. Shape refers to the spatial characteristics of the external image, the volume refers to the three-dimensional object shape. In describing the objective object, the form has a strong performance, requires the artist to grasp the shape and characteristics of the object, the object has a keen visual response ability and deep expression ability, can discover and excavation hidden in the form of deep value And aesthetic meaning.

    Lines are the main means of oil painting modeling, the earliest description of human nature is from the lines of the beginning. It is an irreplaceable visual element in the art of painting, and the unpredictable lines reflect the artist 's emotional experience of life. The vertical line of solemn, noble, there is a sense of eternal; horizontal bring calm, tranquility, distance and even death emotions; slash full of tension, movement, anxiety and danger; curve expression of elegant, tender, romantic emotions; Cross line quiet and solemn; irregular lines bitter sad, restless.

    Light and dark points of black, white, gray three major tone, it is also the most basic means of painting performance. Rich light and shade to the object shape, space and texture vividly demonstrated. From the detailed characterization to the strong contrast, light and dark colors to create a rich visual images. The bright hue is calm and hearty, and the dark tones are heavy and mysterious. Black and white embodies the painter's subjective emotional world.
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    The texture is a very important performance factor in the realistic oil painting. It can give the person the satisfaction and pleasure in the senses, and can make people have the desire to touch. Because the texture can produce a strong stimulus to the visual, causing people's excitement and impulse, so realistic oil painting has been the world's preference. In the modern art of painting, the concept of texture has undergone great changes. It is not only a vivid description of the objects, but also a different expression of the texture of the materials used. The visuality and interest of the picture enriches the visual language and enhances the spirituality of the picture itself.

    Space is the visual depth created by the art of painting on two-dimensional images. Screen space is not real space, is the imitation of the real space, is the artist using lines, light and dark, color created by the illusory space, is the human visual sensibility in the distance space. Size, height, the actual situation, people can have a sense of well-being of space. In modern painting, the painter more use of color to create the screen space.


    Color and light and shade are inseparable, light and dark relationship is reflected through the color brightness. Adjust the color can not only consider the color of light and shade, colorful world is composed of color, color is life. However, visual perception of color varies from person to person. On the one hand, the color of the weak color blindness, on the other hand, the subjective emotions can directly affect the visual hue, the sensitivity of cold and warm, and the likes and dislikes of different colors. Subjective color of the formation of the painters of their different colors.