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copy paintings - A King Charles Spaniel

Have no artistic talent, but want to draw oil painting for a long time, just have friends want to go, just go, went to a zero base oil painting studio, now a lot of the studio (suggestion didn't want to draw the oil painting the basis of the public comment on look for this kind of studio, make the first move.)

The following is the first painting I have painted in my life. (the painting is painted, the left is the work, and the right is the copy of the color print.)


For the first time, I felt good about myself, and I was trying to draw another picture. I last saw a picture of someone else in the gallery, so I wanted to try it


Very fond, want to put home, but this one is difficult, need to draw with a scraper, because there is no artistic cell, but because like also bravely try a second


My step is to trace the background first, then hit the partition with a copy of the color


Just finishing the background color, it is difficult to adjust color


Semi-finished products



After six hours of frantic, the final finish!!!

The second oil painting in life, the self-feeling is ok, ha, self-absorbed a second!! You can break your sleep

Ps: I want to finish the comments and comments. Oh, shoot!

Édouard Manet A King Charles Spaniel Painting Reproductions

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