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John William Godward paintings for sale

Almost 10 years did not pick up the brush seriously painted something.
I learned from elementary school sketch and gouache, sketch 10, fine powder junior high school to take the excellent.
Junior high school I contacted the powder, that is the oil painting. Occasionally bragging with people I painted oil painting. In fact, the studio is mainly painting still life, such as vases, fruit or something.

Until a month ago I thought that the powder with oil painting almost. Do research to know how to pay attention to oil painting, just how to use oil, how to choose oil, what to buy I put the blind.
First in the canvas on the base (Taobao has been hit at the end of a lot of direct painting).
And then is to use the thinnest oil to start painting, each painting a layer of 24 hours, then add a little fat in the fat oil. Each layer of painting plus a little more fat. Finally painted a little had to use Varnish.
If not strictly in accordance with the "fat cap thin" approach, then the final finished product will crack off the slag.
I first looked at a lot of youtube video, learn how to use oil to buy pen and other basic concepts, and then bought a bunch of canvas from Taobao sent abroad.
There are three paintings in a week.


The first one, copying the paintings of Monet. It seems like a pit father, I still eat the year to learn the capital of the powder, the dark foundation paved, and then painted bright, embellishment details. I was seeing this stuff was suspected I was not the boss also lost, after all, 10 years did not draw ah.


This is the later look, as if formed. And then I can not wait to take pictures of a child to teach me when the teacher. If not now I can not go back abroad, then really want to follow the mentor to continue to learn oil painting. The teacher said that the color is very beautiful, the sky is too messy.
I have a look, indeed, seems to be about to rain the wind of the day.
So slightly modified,


Then do not know how to change. So be it.

Then the second,
At first forget to take pictures, only finished product map. Did not draw the texture or a little disappointed.


Then I started painting the third day on the same day.


Feeling painted roses is so hard, I simply put on a few pink up. Let it dry all night, and today I am excited to continue to play.




John William Godward art paintings

Painting background really cool, to draw flowers when the pit father, the details do not know how to write. So I am ready to wait for it to supplement the final details.
To be more 11/14/16

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