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Lorella Paleni and her new world in the reflection of storefronts

Most of all we are satisfied with our reflection in the glass of the windows. It so unobtrusively blurs the sharp features and hides the small flaws that every person does if not beautiful, then very sweet and attractive. The Italian artist, Lorella Paleni, apparently knew perfectly well about this wonderful quality of ordinary glass that flooded our streets. Most of her work reminds exactly such reflections, and the double perspective is their main component.




It turns out that the work of this Italian artist takes its viewers into another reality. And it is very close to our own, moreover - the newly created preserves its basic elements Michael Cheval art for sale. Basics, if you put it more precisely. But the number of new, foreign parts is sometimes so great that the plot becomes completely unrecognizable.

The created scenes are literally a few steps away - again, like a reflection. Their characters and elements float, like ghosts, in a light fog or haze - the definition of this substance directly depends on your own perception. They seem to be a little confused and stretched out in this new space-time, and people endlessly contact in silent dialogues with animals or some mythical creatures - each one Kush Paintings for sale, again, will show its own. Sometimes the heroes of the pictures seem to flow into each other, ignoring the clear boundaries of what is allowed. However, it creates a clear impression that they will not be able to return to the original substance. After all, they always retain their face, and this face is beautiful - as well as that which reflects any transparent showcase.






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