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  • ÂNGELA SILVA. Art of nature.


    And the sunset function is as follows:
    Grieving us, elevating our souls,
    Tranquility of nature without breaking,
    Reinvent thoughts and words
    And find out with a smoldering star,
    Clamped between the sun and the moon,
    That life could be different in general,
    Yes, but that's not very clear where.




    From the cracked inkwell of heaven
    The night will be shed and the world will be hidden in darkness,
    And, as philosopher Yu. Karyakin said,
    You can not tell where the route is, where the detour.
    All in order for time to flow
    In the vastness of imminent separation,
    To part with affectionate hands
    They gave us warmth on duty.


    But the trouble is that it's worth taking a step
    On the first of the missing tracks,
    And a hundred times more expensive
    Any stuck in the memory of a trifle,
    To feel at midnight this hour
    As some unknown thread,
    Converging in a gloomy zenith,
    They will pull, holding us.



    Let's not think about it yet.
    His acquisitions and losses,
    And wait for the phenomenon of sunset -
    It will happen for sure,
    To silence all voices
    And the rattles, and the footsteps of the day,
    And there were other troubles,
    And the morning dew fell.

    Yuri Vizbor, A.Medvedenko

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