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  • Mladen Parvanov Claws of drops ...



    ... but just rain.

    He is everywhere.
    On the street.
    Outside the window.
    On the glass.
    By foliage and asphalt.
    On the cheek.
    To your liking.
    Inside of me...
    Kisses with the smooth water of the bay.
    Whispers words that the sun hid, trying to outshine and drive out and destroy.
    He caresses the damp coolness of his palm.





    Washes delicate fingers with tenderness, like a wave.
    He covers his eyes with eyelashes in the echo of a smile of memories: "Remember, remember, remember ..."
    Tickles lips with claws of drops.
    Smoothing hair with streams of touch.
    Knocks in whiskey: "Remember, remember, remember ..."

    Dear, Desired rain, I so missed you.

    I missed you so much!

    Elena Gallot








    Vladimir Kush Laser Tune-Up



    Paul Cézanne Bathers and Fisherman with a Line

  • ÂNGELA SILVA. Art of nature.


    And the sunset function is as follows:
    Grieving us, elevating our souls,
    Tranquility of nature without breaking,
    Reinvent thoughts and words
    And find out with a smoldering star,
    Clamped between the sun and the moon,
    That life could be different in general,
    Yes, but that's not very clear where.




    From the cracked inkwell of heaven
    The night will be shed and the world will be hidden in darkness,
    And, as philosopher Yu. Karyakin said,
    You can not tell where the route is, where the detour.
    All in order for time to flow
    In the vastness of imminent separation,
    To part with affectionate hands
    They gave us warmth on duty.


    But the trouble is that it's worth taking a step
    On the first of the missing tracks,
    And a hundred times more expensive
    Any stuck in the memory of a trifle,
    To feel at midnight this hour
    As some unknown thread,
    Converging in a gloomy zenith,
    They will pull, holding us.



    Let's not think about it yet.
    His acquisitions and losses,
    And wait for the phenomenon of sunset -
    It will happen for sure,
    To silence all voices
    And the rattles, and the footsteps of the day,
    And there were other troubles,
    And the morning dew fell.

    Yuri Vizbor, A.Medvedenko

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  • Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser Carousels of tunnels pulsate ...


    Carousels of tunnels pulsate
    World solar
    The time of the day coiled down
    calm me down
    Find me
    The scrolls unfolded the truth
    Look into me
    Give me a drink
    Open dreams of my water line
    In my name
    By the rays of creation
    Lead me
    To ascents

    Natalia Glazunova-Moiseeva


    Yesterday in leaden clouds
    Melted in the spring cloud
    In the evening
    In the morning to shadow
    To close the glowing ray
    And run back to the cold
    In the gardens, smelling of flowers
    But Candle
    Fringed lace
    cold world
    And illumination
    Went for walks in muddy puddles
    And the silence of the evening



    Night is running out ...
    happy faces
    Went to the podium days
    At borders
    Time sprawled light wings
    Messengers of the shutters for the heart were opened
    The messengers of the door opened to the sun
    New fire for spiritual growth
    The roots were covered with colored earth
    Life was saturated with living water
    Splashed with the light of singing harmonies
    Blue birds on blue palms
    The air filled with a tart novel
    The sky smelled of spring and love


    When the gate opens
    In the time passes to the stars,
    When a wonderful bright morning
    With the great suddenly come into contact
    When my soul is pure
    From the body come out and wake up ...
    What is left here?
    what to do
    In the world of beauty with ugliness?


    I had a dream of dawn,
    Drowning in a snowy fog
    And transparent faces of people
    I had a dream about their children
    In unusual flying fabrics
    And yourself among them
    I recognized by the brilliance of the lights
    I watched as we
    Flew up under the dome
    And in free flying fell down
    We flew and sang
    I counted the minutes
    And flowers flew in wreaths

    Author of poems - Natalia Glazunova-Moiseeva

    Author of paintings - SYNTHY ROSE YANG SCHLOSSER
    (Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser)

    Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser (born 1949) is an American artist, musician, clairvoyant, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).
    In her paintings, the main actor is the light that fills beautiful landscapes, vast sea spaces, mystical subjects and bright geometric shapes.

    Cynthia's paintings, painted mostly oil on canvas, are essentially mandalas, centered on a source of blinding light. It symbolizes the divine consciousness and has a healing effect on everyone who contemplates it. Each work is a synthesis of spiritual impressions, transmitted through signs and symbols.

    The artist widely uses the symbolism of four universal elements - Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The ubiquitous clouds in her paintings are not the same clouds that we observe in nature, they act as a veil between the earthly and celestial worlds. Only illumined mind is able to overcome this veil and see the reality of the Higher Worlds.

    In many works of Cynthia you can see mythical birds and animals, symbolic flowers, angelic beings and transcendental characters. The natural world is transformed into a magical world - a world in which everything serves the Light. Here live a unicorn - a symbol of divine unity, spiritual power and nobility, winged Pegasus - an expression of the enhancement of vitality and innate ability for spiritualization, the eastern phoenix and others. Using mystical symbols, Cynthia seeks to show the viewer the path to the Light as the center of being.

    Creative search for Cynthia is not limited to the field of fine arts. The movements of her soul are reflected in her books, music, textile art, landscape design and interior design. "My art reflects the spiritual that is present in ordinary, but such a profound nature. My art reflects the inner landscape of the more subtle world that surrounds us. We must awaken in this subtle realm in order to discover the true miracle of the Divine Spirit within each of us and around us, all the time. "

    Music: Danielle Licari - Mal de toi (Chi Ma
    by Spain Mark paintings for sale