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Karlovich Evgeniy Winter landscapes

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Karlovich Evgeniy Winter landscapes

Covered white-white,
The forest is shrouded.
And Winter hand skillfully,
A steled snow - the forest stores.
From under the paws of heavy fir,
The nose does not seem to be a forest beast.
She sleeps quietly on the bed,
To wake up only in the spring.
Rare wind trunk shakes,
Branches of snow poured down.
The forest is gloomy and sad,
Waiting for the end of winter whim.


© Copyright: Maria Polyakova 3, 2014

Karlovich Evgeniy.
He was born on August 9, 1967 in Krivoy Rog. He began to get involved in painting from early childhood. His favorites were Russian artists Levitan, Shishkin, Aivazovsky, Nesterov, Vasnetsov. Favorite genre is the landscape. The direction is classical realism. The technique of execution is oil painting. In the works the author appreciates compositional completeness, accuracy of tonal relations, strive to convey the sensation of light and air in the picture, to bring to the spectator the beauty of the surrounding world, the subtlest changes in nature. Among t Jackson Pollock paintings

he connoisseurs of the artist's works are not only residents of Ukraine. His works are also in private collections in the US, Germany, Slovakia, Australia, Russia.

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